Essay about Mental Exercises to Deal with Anger Issues

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If you are tired, and have nothing to do, you can give some exercise to your brain or control your anger issues. Well don’t fear, for I am here to help and let you know the different ways you can exercise without the physical part, but the mental part. Now you must be thinking “Well get to the point already! “. So I will so don’t worry and get your paper and pencil for important details. To begin with, anger issues is something everyone has, one’s is worst than another. So for those who have severed anger issues, and for those who would just want to know what anger does to you. Let’s say you or a friend suddenly has an anger meltdown (hopefully it doesn’t happen), well now how do you stop it …. My opinion is to let the …show more content…

It doesn’t have to be something so dangerous like putting your life in risk to save another, but if you want you can, I don’t know. Small changes can make a big difference. Now the mental benefits towards Altruism are positive physiological changes associated with happiness, a sense of belonging reducing isolation, helps keep things in perspective, and an act of kindness can improve confidence, control, happiness, and optimize. Physical benefits of Altruism are stress reduction, disappears negative feelings, and can even possibly help us live longer. Another way of staying mentally healthy is, paint. Creative expression is helpful to the development and recovery from mental distress. I myself do this, not because I’m distressed but because is what I do best. It calms me down if I’m either mad or sad, it lets my mind go loose and free, but it’s not only using paint a way of creative expression. Other therapies include art, dancing, drama, and music. Music also works as well, I focus with music, and it blocks the world out and lets my ideas flow on to paper (homework). Some or most people used these therapies providing a greater sense of choice and control than meditation or talking therapies. From personal experience, meditation isn’t my thing, I get bored easily so I don’t have the patience to sit on my bottom and breathe in and out. An additional way to keep your mind healthy in a fun way is having a healthy mind. Stronger minds live a

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