Mental Health Counseling: A Cultural Analysis

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Sociologist, psychologist, and scholars, among others have studied the displines and the complexity human beings and their identity throughout history. For many years, especially in the last decade cultural diversity and cultural competence has gained a sense of necessity worldwide in the field of mental health counseling.
The United States of America has become a true melting pot, with ethnicity, and race, from various places worldwide since migration. It is further viewed by (Pope-Davis, Hardin, Coleman, Ming, & Toporek (2003), ethnicity and race are often factors of social constructs that interwoven into the social fabric of gender, and sexual orientation. The components of our society have mandated that counselors today must be culturally
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In this approach often times it is found that there is deficit, in expertise in working with culturally diverse clients. In addition, to this model of theory, Erford (2014) emphasized the Western model of psychotherapy in terms of counseling theories can often be inappropriate with clients of diverse cultures, primarily as they are based on the belief system and values of the White dominant society. Similarly, the monocultural, ethnocentric approach has proven to be ineffective with non-White clients as well. Therefore, there may be times when a clinicians and or counselor may use interventions in counseling that may conflict with the client’s worldview (Hayes,2008). As counseling and psychology are linked within each other it is important to view theories and cultural factors together. In doing so will enable a better understanding of the client’s and or needs of a group of people as a whole, resulting in an successful outcome in their treatment and a greater sense of awareness to various cultural groups and…show more content…
In this population of individuals, there are many obstacles that hinder and promote positive growth, mentally and emotionally. Some of these obstacles are underemployed, unemployed, lack of educational resources, poverty, low social-economic status, and even criminal records. As a group of people in our society these women are often victims of racism, sexism, and prejudice. In the Feminist theory, as it explores the depth of feminism it relates to social construct, gender identity, and relationships within and between genders, women often experience, nonetheless does this theory, appeal to anyone group of women or discriminate. The application and history applies to all women in ways to bring forth awareness to clients or groups that may be suffering from low self-esteem, depression, anxiety or other mental illness traits. By counselors becoming more component in cultural diversity and applying this particular theory enables the counselors to identify with potential ethical issues an or dilemmas, in order to properly treat and diagnosis clients effectively with a treatment plan that allows these individuals to see their self-worth, and have a clearer understanding in the causes that result into the reason they sought
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