Mental Health Vs. Health Organization

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Mental Health Vs. Health Organization Human services field is a very broad field. There are many different types of human services organizations out there. To names a few of human services organizations are mental health, health, education, child welfare, and etc... Under each organization there are different human services workers with different tittle and responsibilities; to name a few of human services workers are psychologist, high school guidance counselor, teacher, rehabilitation specialist, child-protective-services worker, shelter director, hot-line worker, and etc... Even though the titles and responsibilities are different, they are all human services workers providing to serve the needs of people. Mental Health is all about…show more content…
Due to understaffed and underfunded in the psychiatric hospitals, harsh criticism toward the institutionalized care increased. It was also because of changes in the attitudes of staff and abusive practices in the hospital (Leff, 2001, p. 25). The movement of deinstitutionalization reforms from the asylum-based to community-oriented care. Mentally ill people moved from psychiatric institutions to community mental health centers. Even though there were positive reports about the outcome of community-based mental health programs, other reports found opposite. “Many experts hope that by improving community-based programs and expanding inpatient care to fulfill the needs of severely mentally ill patients, the United States will achieve improved treatment outcomes, increased access to mental health care, and better quality of life for the mentally ill” ("Early History," 2000-2013, p. 2). A health service is to protect and improve the health of individuals and communities.
There was no healthcare coverage for individuals and communities before 1920 ("Healthcare in US," 2014). Doctors were not knowledgeable about many of the diseases and did not charge much to the patients. At that time, there were not a lot of health insurance providers, and many people had to pay for everything. Later on, when doctors became knowledgeable about the diseases and treatments became effective, doctors charged more money to the
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