Mental Illness

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Death Penalty for Mentally Deficient Should the Government be allowed to execute an individual who is diagnosed officially as being mentally deficient? As individuals, we can feel and subsequently we are able to be miserable or blue now and again throughout our lives. We have all observed motion pictures about the psycho and his wrongdoing binge, with the hidden reason for psychological maladjustment. We occasionally even make jokes about individuals being insane or nuts, even though we realize that we shouldn't. We have all had some subjection to mental illness, yet do we truly comprehend it or know what mental illness is? Are we able to grasp how it effects an individual, and how it arises to begin with? “A mental illness can be defined …show more content…

Furthermore, there are also other contributors that are factors to the onset of a mental illness. These factors range from social, environmental, and genetic attributes. These factors can play a significant role in determining the likelihood of a mental illness or if an individual has been subjected to these factors, they most likely are the reasons for their mental illness. “Some of these factors are environmental, some are genetic, and some are social. In fact, all these factors most likely combine to influence whether someone becomes mentally ill. Genetic, environmental, and social factors interact to influence whether someone becomes mentally ill. Environmental factors such as head injury, poor nutrition, and exposure to toxins (including lead and tobacco smoke) can increase the likelihood of developing a mental illness. Social factors also present risks and can harm an individual's, especially a child's, mental health. Social factors include; severe parental discord, death of a family member or close friend, economic hardship, abuse, neglect, and, exposure to violence.” (Defining Mental Illness, 1970). Additionally, there is a stigma surrounding the mentally ill that society has created and manifested to the point of no return. This stigma that society has created shows itself as stereotypical prejudices that

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