Mental Research Institute ( Mri ) Theory

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Mental Research Institute (MRI) theory assumes that problems rise for mishandling of normal difficulties in life and that attempting solutions to solve contribute to the problem. The processes of a MRI therapist will start with identify the problem and how it is a problem. When the client’s family was asked what is the problem? The problem was identified as “Mina does not want to go to college”. When the family was asked “how is this a problem?” their answer was It was Mina is diabetic and the parents wants him to get a job that provide him with stability and not hard physical work. The parents see the only way that Mina can achieving this goal is by going to college. On the other hand Mina does not want to go to college and refuse to talk about why or what are his future plans.
MRI therapist looks at what solutions have been tried to get Mina to go to college or talk about his future. Therapist also looks at what were the outcomes of these solutions that the parents tried. The parents shared that they had numerous discussions with Mina. They talked about how “They will pay for school and that Mina can go as slow as he can maybe start part-time student”, “He can choose any school he wants”. They also said they will help him get a job so he can go to school and work so it will feel less of school going. Mina refuse and said “if you are willing to get me to take it slow let me take a break and if I want to go later I will”. The parent also enlisted the sibling into the
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