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Mentoring Assignment
In this spring semester, I have a great mentoring experience with Dr. Richard Brundage. Dr. Richard Brundage has a unique background in pharmacy world because he owns Doctor of Pharmacy degree as well as Doctor of Philosophy in pharmaceuticals. He is now a professor at University of Minnesota, College of Pharmacy, Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology (ECP). His research interests are pharmacometrics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics. I am familiar with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, but pharmacometrics is a new concept and area to me. And Dr. Richard Brundage explains his research interest to me with a great passion and proud. Pharmacometrics is a field where people use different mathematics …show more content…

Richard Brundge, he fulfills his responsibility in pharmacy with his graduate students and professional students by mentoring them on their pharmacy research and conveying them the basic knowledge in pharmacy practice. He has several graduate students now, to whom he pays enough attention, passion and time on. These excellent graduate students could help him in exploring and conducting in pharmacometrics. Additionally, he regards as distinguished teachers in college, which reflects his ability and knowledge in teaching. Teaching is another important and essential role as a professor. One would not be regarded as a good professor if he or she can not teach well, only gathering the information and knowledge by himself or herself is not enough. Apart from the previous two relationships, in my point of view, he also establishes the positive relationship with his colleagues, this relationship could promote and inspire the new ideas in pharmacy research. In his department, they hold seminar every Thursday noon, which is a good opportunity for both students and professors to refresh their mind by listening and …show more content…

Richard Brundage’s. I did my undergraduate study in pharmacy and I got my bachelor of science degree in pharmacy as well. Before I came to the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, I planned to pursue my Ph.D. degree in pharmacology after I graduated from China Pharmaceutical University. The truth was that I got both offers from Doctor of Pharmacy program here and Ph.D. in pharmacology in other medical schools. After comparing and considering for a very long period of time, finally, I made the decision to go here and attend the Pharm.D. program. However, although I am a professional student in pharmacy now, I will never lose my passion and interest in clinical pharmacology research. I am seeking any valuable chance to get involved in the research within my four years pharmacy school. In my point of view, everyone who comes to the pharmacy school is different with a unique background in the beginning, but after the four years pharmacy school growth and study, everyone masters the skills and knowledge to become a verified pharmacist, and everyone is similar in the end. I myself really want to do something different compared to others, and I am considering to do a research emphasis and conducting some research projects under the mentoring and guidance from professors and graduate students. When I ask myself, I cannot rule out the possibility to be a Ph.D. student in clinical pharmacology after I

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