Mentoring : Mentoring And Leadership

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PGE #1: Mentoring and Leadership Reflecting back over the years since receiving my initial National Board Certification, I clearly see that the mentoring roles I have been a part of have been the most rewarding. Mentoring has enabled me to collaborate with others new to the profession as well as with veteran teachers in the classroom. Through this collaboration in a variety of settings, I have been able to improve the effectiveness of my teaching practices which in turn has had a positive impact on my students. A study from Teacher Collaboration in Instructional Teams and Student Achievement by the American Educational Research Journal (2015) states that the quality of teacher collaboration positively influences teacher performance…show more content…
The opportunities given to me to work with beginning teachers have been rewarding. Building stronger learning communities will always be a passion of mine because it ultimately enables our students to be better served in the classroom which leads to higher student achievement. I have also served in Leadership positions since my National Board Certification that have enabled me to work closely with my peers and other colleagues. My principal nominated me to be part of an Emerging Leader cohort initiated by our superintendent because of my commitment to my profession and willingness to take on a leadership role. I had the opportunity to spend the day shadowing a principal from another elementary school and then meeting back at the district office to collaborate with other chosen “Emerging Leaders” throughout the district. We spent time discussing issues and topics currently facing education with the district leadership team. Research shows that interaction between teachers and administrators focused on student learning affects student achievement. A similar cohort I have been involved with is the Teacher Forum for Teachers of the Year in our district. Again, it is this camaraderie that takes place when teachers sit down and share ideas and thoughts on education and how to
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