Mentoring and Assessing Essay

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Critically examine the mentors accountability in their role as facilitators of learning and in the assessment of students competence. Over the last decade the National Health Service (NHS) has continued its drive to optimise health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and conform to nationally agreed best practice in order to provide a more patient centred service. Accordingly, the present culture needed to adapt in a way as to encourage and strengthen clinical leadership and develop a workforce seeking to innovate and continuously improve through learning and research (Department of Health, 2005). Such a projected change within the health service has had a direct impact on nursing careers and nurse education both pre-registration and…show more content…
This has great implications for mentors as they will assess student’s competence in practice and decide whether they are capable of safe and effective practice (NMC, 2006). Within my own area of clinical practice, consideration of time management, leadership and effective working relationships are deemed particularly important for students to become competent practitioners and enjoy a positive learning experience. Caldwell et al, (2008 p39), suggests that the pressures of clinical commitments and lack of available time effects both the organisation and supervision of students during their clinical placements. Other challenges faced may include inconsistency of nurse educators and performance (Duffy and Hardicre, 2007a p28) and students who do not comply despite support (Duffy and Hardicre, 2007a p 29). Further challenges faced within my own practice area and indeed many areas of practice are reluctance to fail a failing student due finding the failing process too challenging or to limited and poor assessment. Studies have shown that students appreciate mentors who are positive and supportive and the relationship that develops between mentor and mentee can be central to the success of the clinical placement (Neary, 2000 and Pulsford et al, 2002). However, it is important to identify that other
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