Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting Essay

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Teaching and learning in the clinical setting is not a new concept and the teaching of clinical skill to nursing student ranks high on the current agenda of nurse education (Pfeil, 2003). Therefore, has be the duty of teachers to continue to provide ongoing guidance during teaching and learning taking place. According to While (2004), the mentor is required to feel personally and professionally confident when assessing the student’s performance. This allows the development of the students will become better and more effective.
In order to achieve this, I always emphasize the relationship between me and Mr. S during the learning session. This is because, according to Wilkes (2006), the judgment of a student’s competence depend on the
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If on the days I do not work, I ask my colleagues to help him. I will also tell him who's going to manage him during the period. This is to provide continuous learning to support him during the practical training sessions.
I also provide articles and other reading material related to his studies. This is intended to provide knowledge about something that will be learned later. And according to McKenna& Stahl (2003), reading component are very importance part that are frequently assessed as part of reading instruction for placement, diagnosis, monitoring and outcome evaluation. Therefore, I will always provide reading materials in accordance with the learning session, is to ensure a more comprehensive understanding of a topic that is being taught. It is also to develop creative thinking among students, assist in the freedom to communicate ideas. the importance of supporting learners beyond being aware of their own thinking to allowing them to take greater responsibility for it, through their own target setting to enable them to manage their ‘progressive pathway towards procedural autonomy’ (Kimbell and Stables 2008: 224).
Peer influence is also very important in giving support to the students. This is because the peer was the closest to an individual and a lot of the time they spent together. Jaques (2000), have emphasized the importance of students are given time to develop skills in self and peer. Therefore, I have
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