Merchant of Venice Essay

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Defeating the enemy, light-heartedness, and a happy ending for the lovers are all elements in a comedic play. William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice shows that love conquers all and that you can always defeat the enemy. Even if a pound of flesh is the difference between life and death, or if one wrong person chooses the casket that decides your fate. For example, The Merchant of Venice, Antonio, not only survives the fate of having a pound of his flesh taken from his body on account of his friend that could not repay the bond to a man who is seen as the devil, but gets thrice his money back and the villain is taken down. Not to mention that Antonio’s best friend, Bassanio, not only repays the bond and gets out of his debt to …show more content…

142-147) Antonio agrees to the deal, since he feels that helping his Bassanio is the right thing to do for a best friend. As time progresses Bassanio and Portia found their way to each other, though Bassanio still has not the money to pay Shylock, so he tells Portia. She has no problem paying the bond and says, “Pay him six thousand, and deface the bond;/ Double six thousand, and then treble that,” (3.2.298-299). With that, Bassanio has a chance to save his friend’s life, and pay back the Jew. At the time of the trial Antonio feels ready to except his fate, to give in to the villain. Antonio says his last words to Bassanio, but when Shylock starts to prepare to cut into Antonio the judge (who is really Portia in disguise) presents a reason why Shylock may not take Antonio’s flesh. Portia states, “Are, by the laws of Venice, confiscate / Unto the state of Venice” (3.1.309-310). Shylock is denied of the money which was offered at the beginning because he refused it

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