Merck Research Laboratories And Pharmaceutical Companies Essay

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Merck Research Laboratories and Pharmaceutical firms in the world. Scientist Dr. Campbell and Dr. Mohammad Aziz, have made great progress in developing a cure that will make a difference in disease called River Blindness. River Blindness is a disease known for being life-threatening to those who contract the disease. Its symptoms include severe itching throughout the body, skin disfigurations, and total if not permanent blindness. As chairman of Merck, it is my decision on whether to allow Dr. Campbell and Dr. Mohammad Aziz and their research team to continue or discontinue their research to find a cure for River Blindness. I must answer several question before arriving at my final decision. Questions such as: should as a company invest more time and money into developing ivermectin into a drug that is safe for humans knowing it will likely never be profitable, or should I put a stop to any further research knowing that it could negatively impact profits? I will need to gather facts about the disease, define what ethical issues our company are responsible for, look all those affected by the disease, what consequences will we suffer as a company, what our obligations as a company are, what does this decision same about our integrity as a company and me personally, and what potential actions or plans will need to be put in place. In making my decision, I will apply the Eight Steps to Sound Ethical Decision Making process to arrive at my final decision. This process will

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