Mercury ( Hermes ) And The Trojan War

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Mercury(Hermes) and the Trojan War
Dear, Hermes
I, Jupiter, am writing this letter to you from the year one million A.D. I remember during the difficult times of the Trojan War, you chose the Greeks over the Trojans. My understanding in Homer, Iliad 24 is that you were urged to steal the body of Hector. I summoned Thetis after nine days of Hector’s death and told her that I still put glory upon him, but to tell Achilles I am angered that he has not returned the body of Hector. I also sent Arcus to tell Priam to ransom his son’s body and bring gifts to Achilles to calm his anger down. I chose you to be this fine man’s companion and as soon as I was done talking, I remember you immediately took off on your golden sandals. You were confronted by Priam to entreat Achilles to have mercy on you. “You try me out, aged sir. You ask me of glorious Hektor whom many a time my eyes have seen in the fighting where men win glory,” (Homer, Iliad 24.24) were your exact words from you. You knew Hector was being dragged around by Achilles around his companion’s tomb and left beside his ship at his shelter. You fear Achilles by heart, but you are his henchman. What has he done to you to make you fear him? Is killing one immortal soul going to put fear into you? Also, Priam asked you for the truth if Hector’s body was still in one piece or if it was torn into pieces. You responded by telling him the truth with this quote. “neither have any dogs eaten him, nor have the birds, but he lies yet

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