Meret Oppenheim : A Woman Before Her Time?

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Meret Oppenheim: A woman before her time?
Imagine being in a museum on a casual day, the next exhibition happens to be just a normal saucer, spoon and dish covered in fur. What emotions would this arouse? Meret Oppenheim was born in 1913, leaving us in 1985 in accordance with Mansen. She was a very interesting artist of this time who expressed herself and ideas through the Surrealism Movement in more ways than one. Oppenheim used many materials in her pieces that were unique, touchable items. The artist then took these material items and used then to convey ideas to her audience and to get them to think beyond just what they saw. Finally, Oppenheim proved to society how women were mistreated during this time period in the art world and she shows these through her work. Meret Oppenheim is not afraid to show her audience disturbing images and make them experience disturbing thoughts. In these ways, Oppenheim fits well into the Surrealism Movement. Surrealism is taking an idea from one’s unconscious thought and expressing in a way, in this circumstance, the arts. Meret Oppenheim was a crucial member of the Surrealism Movement of the 1920’s and in design today because of her unconscious way of thinking, her use of material items in her artwork, and her acknowledgement of the woman’s role during the time.
Meret Oppenheim worked with a number of touchy-feely, everyday items in her artwork that connected her with the Surrealism Movement. She uses these material items to convey

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