Merlin: The United States Invasion Of Iraq

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The United States invasion of Iraq proved to be a catastrophic event. Aside from resulting in a high number of casualties, the war also demolished stability in the Middle East. Although it may seem contradictory, Merlin’s opinion on the decision to invade Iraq would be mixed to some extent. However, for the most part, Merlin would be against it. One of the reasons the United States invaded Iraq was to remove the country's oppressive dictator, Saddam Hussein. According to a report by ABC News, Saddam Hussein was responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians. He was also known for the inhumane ways he treats any form of opposition to his rule. Taking that into account, Merlin would agree with the United States’ motive for invading Iraq since he often discloses his disapproval of oppressive leaders throughout T.H White’s classic Arthurian fantasy novel,…show more content…
This inarguably proves that Merlin would not approve of Saddam Hussein’s tyrannical rule. However, this does not mean that Melin would agree with the claim that the Bush Administration made about the necessity of an invasion in order to establish peace in Iraq(MSNBC). This is supported by the fact that Merlin frequently expresses his disapproval of war throughout the novel. For example, when Merlin discusses his opinion on wars with Kay and Arthur, he says that he believes “wars are the greatest wickedness of wicked species” (White,233). This would directly contradict the Bush Administration’s statement about the necessity of the Iraq war. Additionally, Merlin makes it clear that he believes “there is no excuse for war” and “whatever wrong [a] nation might be doing to [another], [it] would be wrong if it started a war (White, 233). Since Merlin emphasizes the futility of Wars, he would not have been persuaded by the Bush Administration's reasoning for it. This not only proves that Merlin would have opposed the United States invasion of Iraq but the motivation of the invasion as
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