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Metamorphic Rock Metamorphism means to change form; this is exactly what metamorphic rocks do. This paper will take a look at the Earth’s rock cycle to examine exactly where the metamorphic rock fits into it. It will also look at how metamorphic rocks are formed and the relationship between metamorphic rocks and igneous rock and sedimentary rocks. This paper will examine the geological characteristics and materials of metamorphic rocks, and examine some examples of metamorphic rocks and will describe mineral composition of some examples and explain its economic uses. The Rock Cycle The rock cycle helps people to understand the starting point of the igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks. In addition to explaining how each of the…show more content…
Regional metamorphism usually occurs during the formation of a mountain. Large amounts of rock are subject to extreme pressure and heat while the Earth’s crust is moving to create a mountain. Regional metamorphism also takes place when there is a collision of two continental plates. The force from the collision puts forth enough extreme pressure needed for a rock to go through a metamorphic change. Relationship Among the Three Rock Groups When sedimentary rock and igneous rock are exposed to extreme heat or pressure, they can change their appearance and mineral make up. The color and density of the rock can change as the mineral and density changes the structure of the rock. The rock under pressure and heat doesn't melt but the chemical or mineral structure of the rock condenses and compacts changing the rock to metamorphic rock. This chemical reaction will cause the rock to change color with the mineral grains and will give the appearance of strips. The metamorphic rock can keep changing its density and appearance when it is exposed to more heat and pressure. The rock type of granite gneiss and biotite schist that are found in the Green Mountains of Vermont are two types of metamorphic rock. Examples of Metamorphic Rocks There are many different types of metamorphic rocks that one can see on a regular basis; many probably do not realize they are metamorphic rocks. For example, slate

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