Metamorphosis Analysis

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In the story, The Metamorphosis, there are many references made to religion and existentialism, but I personally believe that Kafka’s work was about his personal life or his “inner dream life”. Although in class we talked a lot about symbolism and what some things represented, I do not believe it was that deep. For example, many of us had agreed that the reason Gregor could no longer see the hospital from across his window was because he had started to see the world for what it really was but after looking at further references I learned that the real reason was because his transformation was causing his eyesight to fail. After researching and reading essays on the topic, I understood that there was a strong resemblance in Gregor’s character and Kafka’s life. They both had issues with their father and both felt as if they had no purpose in the world. Although I can’t argue that The Metamorphosis does not have a deep, underlying truth, I don’t think the whole story’s purpose was to serve as a reference to existentialism. Besides the earlier example about Gregor’s eyesight, there are other events that took place that, I think, are better understood when you look at it in a more literal way. One of the interesting things I came upon while reading essays on The Metamorphosis was the theory that Gregor was experiencing the same symptoms as Kafka. In the essay “Patient Gregor Samsa”, the author describes how Gregor’s transformation is a metaphor for the changes an ill

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