Metaphysical Poetry By John Donne

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Feras Mohammed Awaga Grade 11 B Metaphysical Poetry According to English language, when metaphysical is divided into two words ‘meta’ is defined as after and physical remains as it is. Thus metaphysical means after the physical. The definition above was according to English language, however according to poetry is…. Many poets got involved in metaphysical poetry like: Samuel Johnson who wrote his book which is known as ‘’Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets’’, Henry Vaughan, Andrew Marvel, Richard Crashaw, George Herbert and finally who was the main founder, John Donne. John Donne (1572 - 1631), the founder of the Metaphysical school of poetry, lived and wrote during the succeeding reigns of Elizabeth I, James 1 and Charles I. His early life was passed in dissipation and roguery, much occupied with secret love-making, elopement, imprisonment, and lawsuit over his marriage, but he later turned a saintly divine and ended as the illustrious Dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. His poems can be divided into two categories: “the youthful love lyrics, published after his death as "Songs and Sonnets" in 1633, and the later sacred verses”, published in 1624 as "Devotions upon Emergent Occasions ", which show "the intense interest Donne took in the spectacle of mortality under the shadow of death, a vision that haunted him perpetually, and inspired the highest flights of his eloquence." John Donne was a metaphysical lyrical poet famous for his use of the metaphysical
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