Metastatic Cancer Case Study

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A review of her medical record indicates a medical history of metastatic appendiceal cancer managed at Moffitt and locally with Dr. Wertheim. Her cancer has metastasis to her bladder. She has a Ileostomy and is follow by Dr Beltran for urology. She was recently admitted to MMH on 10/13/16 for hematuria and chronic abdominal pain and difficulty swallowing her pain pills. She was diagnosed with a UTI and treated with IV ABT. She had a CT of abdomen and pelvis which indicates increased metastasis with new right sided hydronephrosis. She had S/P stent and fulguration. At today’s visit she is accompanied by her daughter and friends. She is awake, alert and oriented. She complains of abdominal pain that is a 10/10. The pain is a deep cramping pain

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