Methods for Mitigating Medication Errors

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One of the biggest issues regarding nursing, medicine, and healthcare today is that of patient safety and medication administration and its impact on providing effective care, especially to the elderly. Anytime a patient is to receive a medication, several checks must be taken in order to ensure that the patient receives not only the appropriate type but also the correct dose. This is of utmost importance with regard to high-risk medications, such as warfarin. As a mainstream drug that is used for the treatment and prevention of coagulation in the blood, any medication error can be potentially disastrous or even fatal. As a result this, several studies have been conducted over the years in order to mitigate some of these errors and how best to incorporate consistent strategies that are both ensure patient compliance and safety, but that are also cost-effective, as well.
The studies presented here will focus on what is currently known as evidence-based practice. In this paper, a summary of three studies will provided as will the best intervention methods based on evidence, as suggested by the authors’ research, will also be incorporated. In the first study, Patient Safety in Primary Care: Are General Practice Nurses the Answer to Improving Warfarin Safety, authors Lowthian, Joyce, Diug, & Dooley recommended a number of changes that are designed to improve patient safety when using warfarin. For example, the authors suggested a need for a “... more structured approach

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