Mexico A Better Place

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I was handed a ticket by a nice person telling me that I was able to travel anywhere in the world. I was grateful that this kind person gave me a ticket to travel anywhere in the world. I started to think where I was planning to go. I started to come up with different places to go and I finally thought about a better place. Mexico City was the place that I thought that would be I good place to go. I thought that it could be a good place to compare the Mexico that I know and the Mexico City that I haven't been to. I would be able to see the people that work and what different types of work that they are able to do when going there. In Mexico City I can go to different restaurants that they have there and what kind of food that they have. I would like to go and see the place that they are known for, which is the ruins of the prehistoric Aztec. I think that it would be a good opportunity to learn the past and what happened to make that country known. I think that the ruins would be an interesting place to remember and tell my family about the ruins. People think that Mexico City is only a place for business and there's nothing interesting, but if people really look at different places they can see the place that are really unique as well as learn more about the background of Mexico City.…show more content…
I would enjoy having a different experience instead of just hearing about the place I would be able to learn more if I'm there in person and having learned firsthand instead of sitting in school and not interested in what the teacher was teaching or what the teacher was
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