Mexico-To-US Migration In Grande's Across A Hundred Mountains

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As discussed by Hanson in “Illegal Migration from Mexico to the United States” large differences in wages serve as one of the reasons for Mexico-to-U.S. migration. In Grande's “Across a Hundred Mountains” Juana's father Miguel is forced to immigrate to the U.S. in order to pay for his family's dept. As a campesino (farmer), who planted and harvested crops on the side of the river, Miguel does not earn enough money to pay for his daughter funeral and not nearly enough to erect a new house for the rest of his family, therefore he turns for help to Don Elias, the richest and cruelest man in the village (Grande 13-27). Grande describes a common situation in life of the major part Mexico's citizens. Urrea's characters (based on real events) suffer

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