Mexico's Bizarre Food Essay

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Lots of countries have bizarre foods most of which we turn our noses in disgust or can’t even stomach the thought of. Why? Because most of the time these foods are bugs, rotten shark, baby mice wine, embryos or many other foods that one would not even want to imagine. Each one can be very interest, yet turn your stomachs very easily. The United States of America even has its own bizarre food, which is called “Stink Heads”. This is the fermented heads of salmon which can be found in the state of Alaska. Mexico on the other hand has something a bit more over the top. Mexico’s bizarre food is escamoles. We all know fish eggs are referred to as caviar, but in Mexico they refer to escamole as Mexican “Caviar”. It looks and size resemble that of a grain or even a white bean, but it is actually the larvae and eggs of the Liometopum ant species. The Liometopum ants live in the underground roots of the agave tequilana plant or …show more content…

It was also once offered to the Aztec emperors as a tribute to them. The taste of the larvae or eggs are said to have a buttery, nutty like flavor. The consistency of it is quite like cottage cheese. The eggs and larvae can be found in omelets, tacos, soups, or served traditionally with guacamole. Pan-fried or deep-fried, they are said to be quite tasty and have a pop to them once you bite into them. They aren’t just tasty to those that have gotten past the fact that they are larvae and eggs, but they are also said to be healthy. Like most insects, escamoles are rich in protein. They are also high in essential fatty acids, minerals, lipids, and vitamins. Some of the minerals that are highly found in the larvae and eggs are zinc and iron. The highest vitamins found in them are vitamins A, D, and E. Yes, this can be very intriguing to those that are health conscious or looking to be healthier, but many would not go to such lengths to achieve

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