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Your examination will consist of two types of questions – short-answer (worth 40%) and application (worth 60%) essays. The type of short-answer questions you may see are given below….

Sample Short-Answer Questions:

1. How might self-efficacy impact the Pygmalion Effect? Explain. 2. What is meant by internal and external equity and how is each achieved in organizations? 3. Differentiate between (a) content, and (b) process theories of motivation. 4. In Equity theory, what are two possible outcomes/ratios? What can an employee do to deal with inequity when it occurs? 5. How does Herzberg’s view of satisfaction/dissatisfaction differ from traditional views? How is his
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15. What is the Set-Up-To-Fail syndrome? (CP reading) What are the individual and organizational costs of the syndrome? How is it related to the Pygmalion Effect? 16. What is validity and how does it relate to personality testing? What is reliability? 17. Which performance measurement technique is most susceptible to perception biases and why? How might such biases be minimized? 18. Discuss how the Myers-Briggs assessment device might be used organizationally. 19. What are three necessary conditions to establish norms in the feedback process? (CP reading by Barnes) 20. According to the authors of “Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups,” teams are more innovative when they achieve participation, collarboration, and cooperation. How does emotional intelligence help to create such norms? 21. Discuss the fundamental attribution error and how it affects assessments of performance. 22. In the article, “Leadership Run Amok,” the authors note several downsides to a very high need for achievement. What are they, and what types of need profiles did the successful managers from IBM display? 23. Indicate how goal setting theory could be used to explain the results from failed organizational attempts to increase performance through performance based objective plans/targets? 24. What is the difference between internal and external attribution? Give examples of each. How do we ultimately
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