Mice Of Men By John Steinbeck

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It was an hopeless time period. For George in steinbeck 's book mice of men by John Steinbeck,it was the great depression.This was a time period of a deep and dark economic downturn that affected the whole country. While the story focuses on George and Lennie 's struggles through this hopeless time.They were best buds that got along great. They went to farm to farm as migrant works to get there pay. George had to take care of Lennie throughout the book and pick up the pieces, but lennie was a kind man that did not know better.Lennie followed what george told him like a kid. George actions and words shows him to be, smart,sympathetic, and willing to sacrifice it all. George is shown to be a smart character. One of his way of be smart is through his actions. He makes up a plan to make himself and Lennie to work for and do better. In the story lennie said¨ says I can 't tend no rabbits if I talk to you or anything¨(86). Despite curley 's wife trying to make him take to her he says no.He says no because of the dream George created to make him act right and make Lennie do the right thing. This makes him smart for creating a dream that made him and lennie act better, and think about all the things they could do wrong that could mess up the dream. He also shows his smart, when he told Lennie to not go around or by Curley. This is a smart decision because he knows that lennie does not like bigs guys, and will try to fight and get him fired for being a big guy.This show that he is a

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