Michael Jordan Faults

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Michael Jordan once proclaimed, “If you're trying to achieve, there will be roadblocks. I've had them; everybody has had them.” No matter who you are, if you are attempting to complete a goal, you will face obstacles that prevent you from obtaining it. Throughout my various struggles in life, I often noticed two main faults that have consistently prevented me from either achieving my goal, or carrying it out to its fullest potential. These two faults include a habit of quitting, and slothfulness.

When I was about twelve years old, I took singing lessons. On the day of a recital, I felt completely unprepared due to a lack of practice, and tearfully refused to leave for the concert. This led to a shouting match between my parents and I, and ultimately led to me angrily quitting my lessons. This event was just one of the times that a fight in our family led to me quitting my activities and goals, though that was not the intention of my parents. As a person, I am not particularly motivated. After having a sudden burst of strength to begin a goal, I would often quit taking steps towards completing it after feeling as if I wasn’t able enough to complete it. Although I do not suffer from low self-confidence, I can and do have sudden
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It isn’t a result of any occurrences when I was a child, but rather an aspect of who I am. Many a night when I had to complete school work for later on in the week, I would do the bare minimum, explaining to myself that I still had time left. As I stated earlier, my habit of constantly quitting goals could have easily came from how lackadaisical I am. Upon not seeing immediate results, I often just give up, once again convincing myself that I had time later, or that the goal wasn’t very important in first place. This quality that I possess will be a major obstacle in achieving my goals later on in
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