Michael Merrill Assignment 2 Analysis

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The art of Michael Merrill has always been seeking to subvert the established system of art. Merrill’s recent Apartment complex paintings count among his most sophisticated and daring works to date. He chose the subjects to be not the artwork themselves, but rather their situational contexts and architectural details in which they were exhibited. He wanted to paint from experience, rather than from his own experiments in the surreal. As a result, he was inclined towards subjects that were immediately available to him. Merrill convinces the viewers that the artwork depicted is his to interpret. As a part of his Apartment series, Apartment 1, Apartment 2, and Apartment 3 are oil on canvas, finished in 2016. To add, he has related inks on paper…show more content…
The bluntness of the architecture against the sky, softened by foliage or stark against snow or illuminated in the night, is captivating.” In simpler terms, he is stating that he is fascinated at not solely the looks of the building, but how the light hits it, and how the architecture has such a sharp and blunt quality against the background. The apartment in Apartment 1 guides us forward toward the coming surface rather than obscuring our view. In Land of Art, another art series, Merrill executed oil sketches, watercolours, and various drawings after being strongly inspired by the Group of Seven. In the late 1980s until 1995, he had executed an extended series of oil paintings and works on paper based on light reflecting off the grey concrete floor in his studio. Apartment 1, Apartment 2, and Apartment 3, finished in 2016, are oil on canvas. To add, he has inks on paper and sculptures of architectural models. Merrill has a very broad range of medium used in his artwork. Because oil paints stay wet for a lot longer than acrylics, they give you the flexibility to start a painting and then come back to it the next day and continue right where you left…show more content…
I will use this newly acquired information to view everyday items differently, to see the beauty behind plain brick walls. I will take in Merrill’s way of thinking to ask myself, “What was learned?” each time I have completed an artwork. This will improve my future techniques and widen my range of perceptions and thoughts. I believe that Michael Merrill was successful in reaching his goal. He wanted to focus on viewing objects in a different way and using light sources to differentiate colour and contrast from night and day. I was unbelievably fascinated with Merrill’s way of thinking, as it showed me that there is more than one way to view an object. He so eloquently explained his opinion on his apartment complex that it made me realize that no two people in the world see something the same way. I would consider the building to be not worth of my time to paint, yet Merrill demonstrates his capabilities in a piece of art that I would consider incredible. All of Merrill’s artworks are so perfectly done, from every crisp edge, to the shadows, to the
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