Online Courses versus In-Classroom Courses Essay

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Current modern technological advancements have brought the international community to a new stage in our path through this world through utilizing the device that is the internet. In particular, the internet used as a tool has made significant everlasting changes on society’s educational process as it was in the past. Indeed, there are many similarities and dissimilarities between today’s contemporary online courses and the more classic conventional in-class experience. Both have teachers that instruct their students on the subject matter. Still, one of many clear differences between the two teaching processes appears from the method in which online teachers interact with their students. Namely being, teachers are held back with their …show more content…

Moreover, allowing a student the ability to further their education anywhere in the world; whether one is in the country the college is registered in, or outside the country. Nowadays, a student can attend and grasp new and unknown concepts, what seemed to be as complicated as rocket science, now is simple to the student as child’s play. However, lessons that take place in a classroom are confined and restricted to that particular location. Thus, limiting only students situated within the nearby vicinity of the group ample access to the instructor’s lessons. Disabling students outside of the classroom’s surrounding area, at a loss of any means to attain understanding of the course content taught by the teacher in the classroom.
Nevertheless, the classroom setting enables peers to develop themselves socially, and at the same time advancing their knowledge in the subject matter. Conversely, an online setting enables one to fall into detrimental behaviors such as isolation, proven to lead one down a spiraling path of depression. Explaining the effects of isolation as a facet of depression, Bartha, Parker, Thomson, and Kitchen write, “social isolation simply reinforces their depression” (14), clarifying the effect being alone can have on someone. As noted within the citation, isolation is brought about solely from the fact that one can take whichever course they so decide under

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