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1. Explain the three elements necessary to spread infection. The spread of infection requires three elements. The first is; A source of infecting microorganisms: This could be an exogenous infection which arises from microorganisms external to the individual and do not exist as normal flora. They usually have a preferred portal of entry like the gastrointestinal for Salmonella. Another source is endogenous infections which can occur when part of the client’s flora becomes altered and an overgrowth results e.g. Yeasts infection. Second requirement is means of transmission for the microorganism, which also explains the three primary modes of pathogen transmission. For example, vertical transmission is when a pathogen is…show more content…
Eating a balanced diet and exercising helps improve immune system and hence fight infections. Pre-existing injury makes it easy for pathogens to get in the host, since there is damage in the protective barrier, e.g. broken skin allowing them access. Describe the eight sites you chose to test and explain your results for each of the sites tested 1.Refrigerator handle; moderate amount of growth with 10 isolated colonies that appeared raised, cream colored, with smooth, glistening surfaces 2. Kitchen sponges; had minimal amount of growth 3 colonies appeared, they were smooth. 3. Microwave (interior); no visible growth probably due to frequent high heat which sterilized the area. 4. Toothbrush; moderate amount of growth/ 5 colonies with small cream colored, glistening, raised colonies. 5. Toilet bowl; had moderate amount of growth with isolated colonies that were mostly small, cream colored, circular, dull surfaces. 6. Faucet handle; moderate amount of growth / colonies / large cream colored, dull in appearance. 7. Main entrance door handle; had large amount of growth with a few isolated colonies cream colored, raised, circular, smooth surface. 8. Remote control; maximum growth with no clear isolated colonies (Gladwin, & Trattler, 2011). a. Include a statement about the results you expected versus the results you observed. Areas or items that I thought would not have much growth had moderate amount of growth on them such as the

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