Microsoft Kinect : The New Big Thing Essay

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Arslan Rashid
November 17,2016
H. Kartal
BIS - Tech Paper Xbox Kinect "The New Big Thing" I chose Microsoft Kinect as my technology topic because I wanted to analyze that how Kinect gave a competitive advantage to the Microsoft in the gaming industry. My analysis will focus on the technology Microsoft used in Kinect and the reasons of Kinect becoming the fastest selling tech-gadget, even though it was just launched in November 2010. I will also discuss the strategies Microsoft used while developing and launching the Kinect and the different factors that helped Microsoft to become leader by selling 10 million gadgets in a very short period of time, beating Apple 's iPad and iPhone previous record. Microsoft Kinect made into the Guinness book of records as the fastest selling electronics device. I myself also own Kinect and play it all the time with my friends.
What is Kinect? It is an controller free gaming experience for the Xbox 360 video game system to blend up great hype in the gaming industry since its launch. It has a great impact on the approach to gaming and changed the meaning of game industry and the Entertainment World. Microsoft came with a complete entertainment solution for the whole family with the launch of Kinect. With the selling of 10 million gadgets, Microsoft 's Kinect became the fastest selling tech gadget. By beating Apple 's iPad and iPhone 's previous record it made into the Guinness book of records as the fastest selling gadget and wrote

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