Middle East Conflict & Blood Feuds Essay

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Middle East Conflict & Blood Feuds

The knowledge and understanding of blood feuds helps in the develop understanding of the current conflicts in the Middle East. The Middle East conflict started after World War II when the United Nations handed the Jewish people land once owned by the Palestinians. A conflict has occurred with the Palestinians who live together with Israelis that has led to terrorism and tyranny. Israelis believe they must control the Palestinians to stop their terrorism; while the Palestinians use terrorism to seek independence from Israelis. Blood Feuds in Thull are similar to the situation in the Middle East and are violently depicted in Lincoln Keiser's "Friend by Day Enemy By Night."

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During April of 2002 Israeli soldiers attempted to destroy the Palestinian terrorist networks but attacked several Palestinian cities in the progress. In addition too attacking terrorists the soldiers destroyed much of the Palestinian government, including records, equipment, buildings, electricity supplies, water supplies, roads and innocent people. This attack is seen as tyrannical because it is an attempt to never allow the Palestinians to be independent.

However Israelis point of view is that the Palestinians are militant terrorists who will not compromise for peace. Even when the Palestinians engaged for peaceful negotiations for peace they demonstrated to back stab the Israelis by sending out terrorists attack in the progress of the meeting on the innocent. Thus the Israeli leaders no longer can trust the Palestinians and have cut off peaceful negotiations. Israelis will not reduce their control because of they fear of terrorism.

In Lincoln Keiser's "Friend by Day Enemy by Night" he discovers the brutality between enemies in Thull known as "Blood Feud." The idea of "Blood Feud" is to seek retribution through murdering an individual who has disrespected a man's honor. The majority of conflicts do not involve clans but male individuals and his allies. "Killing the enemy in retaliation for some personal injury is the goal, and no rules limit the use of weapons." (Keiser, 2). In Thull most men are neither

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