Midnight In Paris Project Essay

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Midnight in Paris Project Gil Pender is an aspiring novelist that is vacationing with his wife-to-be in Paris, France. He wanders around the dark city and then stumbles upon an old car passing by him after midnight. This is the car to the past. He eventually meets many of his idols and gets assistance and ideas for his novel that he is writing. Some of the people he meets on his journey range from Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, to the famous Ernst Hemingway. While enjoying my nights in Paris, I came across Gil and was intrigued about something in him so I decided to follow him around the city. Gil first got into a really nice Peugeot Type 176, so I followed him all the way to a party for Jean Cocteau. Once he got there he started talking to Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, so I knew he had…show more content…
He gave her some sort of present and then they kissed. I thought I overheard him earlier saying that he was engaged in “another life” and I did not understand that. They then got into a carriage and at this moment I struggled to keep up due to the mere fact of me being out of shape. I followed them all the way to Belle Époque of the 1890s, which I overheard Adriana saying it was “The Golden Age” to her. They were talking to some people that I did not know, which I later found out to be Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. He was astonishingly short, but he looked very smart and well-off in life. After Gil and Adriana left, I went up and started to talk to him. I found out that he was a French painter, printmaker, and illustrator that was well involved in Paris’ theatrical life. He was then speaking about how he loved the Renaissance Era, and how that was his “Golden Age”. At this point in time, I really understood Gil’s theory that no matter what era you are living in, you will always believe that it is nothing special. Everyone wants to live in a past era in which they thought it would have been an excellent time period to live
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