Migrant Groups Are More At Risk Of Developing Mental Disorder

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Today there are approximately 1 billion migrants in the world out of which 214 million are international migrants and 740 million are internal migrants. This wide range of population include workers, undocumented migrants, students, refugees and others, with each having different needs, health determinants and vulnerability. The health needs of this large population are considerable (WHO, 2015). Migration is a stressful experience and not all of the migrants respond to the stress similarly. The response of individual can be influenced by multiple factors like personal, social and cultural. Some of these factors are aggravated by the loss of social support system, cultural values, religious norms, changes in own identity and adjustment to a new culture. These stresses related to migration impact the mental health of migrants and there are strong evidences which suggest that certain migrant groups are more at risk of developing mental disorder. Moreover, the rate of mental illness is also increased among migrants (Bhugra, Gupta, Bhui, Craig, Dogra & Ingleby, 2011). The loss of culture and social support cause grief which is a healthy reaction and natural consequence of migration. However, psychiatric intervention is required if significant distress is caused and symptoms persist for specific period of time. Cultural bereavement is an experience of migrated person due to the loss of cultural values , social support, self identity and adjustment to new culture in which person

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