Migrant Workers : The Permanent Workers

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Migrant Workers The Temporary Foreign Workers allows Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill temporary labor and skill shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available for the migrant. (Canada, Canada, & Branch, 2015) Migrant workers can stay in Canada for 4 years and later apply for residency since it is not available for them at that time. There are four examples of Temporary Foreign workers: Skill workers are migrant workers who get selected to immigrate to Canada because of their work experience and skills. Un-skill workers are migrant workers that get selected to immigrate to Canada but do not have any experience or kills. Seasonal workers are migrant workers who work in farmland and gardens who only work for that certain time in the season. Live in/Live out caregivers are migrant workers who resides in and provides childcare, senior home support care or the disabled without supervision in the private household in Canada.(Reserved, 2011) I’ll briefly explain the impact on migrant workers through an article by Donald Payne, an Academic article, Government article and Assigned weekly reading. Also though out the stages of Micro, Mezzo, Macro and Transnational level. Summaries Donald Payne Article Throughout the article by Donald Payne explains codes of ethics and the ways things operate according to the system. He explains on how now speed is put before fairness or what’s right, if there is an emergency is one country
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