Migrant Youth : The United States

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In the United States, immigrants come from varying countries in search of the American Dream. This dream entails the belief that their lives can be improved because of the various amounts of opportunities in United States. Due to this, thousands of migrant youth move from Central and South America to Texas in search for a better life. By crossing the Rio Grande border, the migrant youth are escaping the corruption and violence in their native country. Although the migrant youth are in search of a better life in America, the United States has a policy against undocumented immigrants. As a result of this, two perspectives of the migrant youth (that want a better life for themselves by coming illegally) and United States (that have to deport those immigrants who come illegally) arise. In order to analyze migrant youth better, some anthropological methods used are participant observation and interviews. All in all, the spread of migrant youth reveals the idea of the immigration crisis in the United States. In Texas, immigration from Central and South America is a significant issue. Considering there is a great deal of poverty, high crime rate, minimal amounts of jobs, and government corruption in some areas in Central and South America, parents are in a search for a better life for their children. Starting in the spring of 2014, thousands of unaccompanied children surged through the Rio Grande River and into Texas with the help of smugglers. Since there were too many
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