Migration : How Does The Media Influence The Way Migrants Are Viewed?

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Migration essay- How does the media influence the way migrants are viewed? On Thursday 23rd of June, the UK decided to leave the EU via a referendum. This was a shock to not just the British public, but also the world as it resulted in a colossal level of uncertainty for everyone. But how did this unexpected result happen? One reason why the British public voted to leave the EU can be blamed upon the scaremongering that was proceeded by the British media. I will be focusing on the time period from 2004 until now because this is the period after the A8 (Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Slovakia, Poland and Czech Republic) joined the EU. In spite of this, this is not the only evidence of the media putting a negative spotlight …show more content…

This is because the population of the A8 countries were allowed to move freely within the EU member states. This fear caused some of the older member states to place non-permanent demarcation on the rights of work of the citizens of these states to their countries. Despite this, the UK, Ireland and Sweden did not impose any restriction leading to immediate unrestricted access. UKIP are a British political party which believes that “immigration is far too high” and that Britain should “take back control of our borders” . Although both broad statements, UKIP fundamentally believes that it is not sustainable for Britain to allow the level of migrants entering the UK for much further. In the 2005 general elections (noticeably after the A8 countries entering the EU) “UKIP fielded 495 candidates and gained 618,000 votes, or 2.3% of the total votes cast in the election” . Yet in 2001 UKIP attained only 1.5% of the vote and failed to achieve any representation at Westminster. Furthermore, we can see evidence of the increase in popularity for the right-wing party as a result of the A8 countries entering the EU. Although this is not a sole causality for the increase votes, there is a positive correlation between the two variables. Additionally, the rise of anti-migration has caused the media to adopt a similar approach. Whether is a result of changing public opinion or the medias influence on the public is

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