Military Advantage

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Tuition Assistance in the Military: Is it Worth it? College nowadays is expensive. Too expensive for any student to be able to pay without applying for countless scholarships, hoping they can win just enough to push themselves through, or taking out incredibly large loans and going into debt to further their education. However, there is a more reliable, more financially stable option. Students struggling with paying for college should join the military. Although the military is a potentially dangerous and life-changing option, it is one of the better ways to get yourself through college, and set yourself up for future job opportunities. As well as coverage of most college expenses, the military provides a multitude of other benefits, including experience that is easily utilized in the civilian world. Although there is danger associated with joining the military, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Especially with the many benefits and privileges that come along with it. The main reason many people would join the military for is the coverage of college expenses. According to “College Costs: FAQ,” the average cost of college tuition over 4 years can range anywhere from $9.4k to $32.4k. Most college students, if working, work a minimum wage job due to lack of education for a higher paying job. In Oregon, the minimum wage is approximately $9.75 per hour. A student in Oregon would have to work a minimum of 3,857 hours over four years, without spending any of that money earned
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