College Is Worth It?

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College is a place where students learn what they want to be when they graduate and they use that knowledge they obtained from college to fulfill their dream by what they have studied, so hard for in college. Some people ask, “Is College worth it?” and the answer to that question is, “Yes.” A lot of people continue to disagree with that answer, but when it’s all said and done: college is worth it. That is why, there is still students that enroll into a 4-year college or a community college because they want to become successful in life which is the reason why they feel that college is worth it. First, there are some students that disagree on college being worth it because of the cost of tuition that is, so high. They feel that college is far too expensive to even attend, so they just look for a job, instead because they feel that they’re wasting time and money. But, what they don’t know is, that there are other colleges out there that have much cheaper tuition to pay. According to Louis Menand, “Public Colleges are much less expensive—the average tuition is $7,605—and there are also many less selective private colleges where you can get a good education, and a lot more faculty face time, without having to spend every minute of high school sucking up to your teachers and reformatting your resume” (Live And Learn). Also, there are people that say they don’t have the money after they graduate from high school to get into college, which then, they can apply for financial

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