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The Military Liaison: The Human Message from Kindergartens and Schools ' Students for Teachers
During the previous three years, the Military Liaison has implemented a wide awareness campaign for children within a gradual plan. The campaign included hundreds of lectures for primary, middle and secondary school students with focus on schools that are located nearby the Israeli settlements and beyond the Apartheid Wall. The plan also gave special attention for the schools of the Old City in Hebron.
A number of the Military Liaison officers , males and females, have gave several lectures in the provinces to introduce the Military Liaison in terms of its establishment, work and tasks, and its field work to enforce and apply its slogan while
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The creative writing group at Al- Awda primary school in Bethlehem is an example of these groups. The talent students started writing about the Liaison staff and they have adopted the idea of awareness that the lecturers have introduced to them.
Mrs. Sumayya Al- wahsh, the creative writing trainer at Al-awda school reported that the children were extremely affected by the patriotic mission that the staff hold and the support that the Liaison has provided for them through meeting them at their school . They also admired being honored by the leader of the Military Liaison when they visited him in his office in Al- Beireh.
Mrs. Buthaina Mansour from Deir Die'f Primary school in Jenin said, " I have believed in the mission by being affected by my husband who works as the manager of the Military Liaison office in Nablus. I have noticed that great deal of giving and efforts the Liaison is doing embedded in my to husband, the work of whom represents the work of the whole staff in the Liaison who work to serve the citizens and the homeland. Therefore, I took the responsibility of spreading the mission of the Liaison out through the scouts in the school where I work , which I have been training for years. I have also provided the students with the notebooks, and I gave them lectures on the role of the Palestinian Liaison
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