Military Volunteering

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With forcing students after high school to go into the military, it will cause people to not volunteer in the future. This essay will show it through; how it could cause people to not volunteer, what it could do to the United States military, and how it could affect teenagers out of high school. Let’s see how this could affect these topics.
With the government forcing citizens to go into the military, there will be a shortage of actual volunteers. American citizens will believe that one year ex high school servers will be enough to keep the military running fluently. Citizens will see no cause in volunteering, as they will believe that the military is already at full capacity with these well abled bodied nineteen year olds. Before you know it, the military will be made up of nineteen year olds instead of 25-40 years old. The people with cause and initiative will falsely think the US military doesn’t need …show more content…

I understand that supporters of this law think this will beef up the army, which it will, but not all in a good way. The military will greatly be young men and women instead of the experienced men and women. Who is going to be the ones to step up and lead? Will these younger adults be ready to join the military? What types of jobs will they have? These are all a couple of the questions that will need to be answered. Chances are that most of these young adults will have the same job, as they have no experience in the military. There will be hundreds of people in this one building doing a certain thing, while in the next, there is a couple doing a different job. There will be no variety in jobs. The military will never be able to have experience being carried on through their program, as they are always getting new people there for just one year. There will be few people with years of experience. Overall the military could be greatly affected by this new law, but so can the teenagers

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