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The Millau Viaduct is a cable-stayed road bridge which spans the valley of the river Tarn situated alongside the Township of Millau in Southern France. The viaduct standing over 343 meters tall was the world’s tallest cable-stayed bridge and was proposed as the missing link in the A75 auto route that connects Paris in the north to Perpignan in the south. The Millau Viaduct was the product of 17 years of ideas, proposals, planning and designs that resulted in shaving 40 miles off the former route through the region, a boom in local economic development and the completion of the one of the world’s most well managed and constructed projects.

Business Case:
The initial objectives of the project are to provide a link in the
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These teams where given five proposals for the viaduct with five defined project objectives that were to be followed in each proposal. Refer to Appendix Figure (4) for images of proposed projects.
This approach was designed to gain further evaluation on already proposed designs, instead of receiving freshly proposed designs. The proposals were submitted and critiqued by an independent committee setup within SETRA.

Selection of design:
In July of 1996 the party in charge of executing the work composed of Government representatives, Local officials, Engineers and Director of Roads selected the multiple cable-stayed viaduct as the most appropriate solution based on the project scope. The viaduct had the lowest cost across all proposals and also shortest build time. The architectural design was of the highest quality and in keeping with the local aesthetics. An architect’s impression is outlined in Appendix Figure (5).
Technical research was continued by SETRA with main project scope directed at: * Geology * Foundations * Design of pier and deck * Maintenance, operation * User’s behaviour * Building methods * Construction management * Cost analysis

Project Deliverables:
The decision by the GoF to
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