Mindfulness Meditation Mental Health

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Mindfulness Meditation to Treat Mental Health Symptoms Mindfulness meditation is an alternative way to treat symptoms related to psychological disorders. Neuroscientists define meditation as a grouping of emotional and attentional training regimes developed to cultivate well-being and improve emotional regulation (Khusid & Vythilingam, 2016). Traditional cultures view meditation as a practice to train the mind to achieve spiritual and health benefits. Although there are many types of meditation, mindfulness meditation shows the most evidence for mental health (Khusid & Vythilingam, 2016). Khusid and Vythilingam (2016) describes mindfulness as the ability to maintain open, accepting, nonjudgmental awareness in each moment. Mindfulness meditation …show more content…

During the resting state scanned subjects were instructed to close their eyes, relax, and avoid engaging in any specific task or mental activity (Khusid & Vythilingam, 2016). During meditation scan subjects were instructed to close their eyes and openly monitor the environment by accepting sensations rise and fall without judgement, and be present in the moment as they were trained. Resting state was measures for 9 minutes on the fMRI and meditation state for 12 minutes. The time acquisition was set to obtain sufficient power for the functional connectivity analyses given the small sample size (Khusid & Vythilingam, …show more content…

In cases in which data from selected subscales of measures were reported, authors were contacted for anxiety and depression subscale data. Numerical data was extracted from the studies. Data were extracted to analyze changes from pre-to post treatment, pretreatment to follow-up with last observation carried forward (Hofmann et al., 2010). The researchers calculated effect sizes for continuous measures of anxiety and depression using pre–post treatment differences (within-group) for uncontrolled studies and also for controlled studies using Hedges’s g and its 95% confidence interval. They calculated an average Hedges’s g effect size for studies that included measures of severity of anxiety symptoms and a separate Hedges’s g effect size for measures of depressive symptom severity (Hofmann et al.,

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