Minimum Wage Issues

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Minimum wage is one of the biggest issues facing American society today. The government has been involved in the minimum wage of workers for more than a hundred years, so government and people have debated about what should be the minimum wage that would advantage the economy and society in total. But unfortunately, after a long time arguing about this problem nothing change and the American worker and breadwinner are still struggling with their income, so the big problem for the American society at present is the minimum wage that needs to be resolved and not forgiven, as the community is now witnessing. However the United States of America is the most powerful country in the world, but which has not respected people’s social issues for …show more content…

The next important issue the question of how can one be a good citizen for the community. The young generation in any country has this question, so they want figure out how to find a good model to a better future for themselves and their community. the young generations in the U.S. observe gap between the citizen, so they facing a lot of problems in their society that poor people has to coping with that and the same time the rich people with all the opportunity, they continue their fancy life . These young people wants be famous and rich because they see result of pain of gap between the rich and poor people. These show the value of good citizen is not about honesty, kindness or man’s rights any more, but it is about just be rich, and powerful and famous. Honesty, this is so painful for the society that class differentials themselves are dangerous consequences for the democracy community.
Another issue that shows the minimum wage has to be raised is the lack of motivation for middle-class. The first problem these families face is the inability to provide basic living facilities that include housing, spending, and other human needs such as health insurance, and so on. Manet noticed that "Dupont lived with her mother,(‘I try to live within my means, but sometimes you just can't.) the Houston, Texas, resident told a reporter last March. Dupont said she had no health insurance, was behind on her car payments and had taken

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