Minnie Is An Energetic, Outgoing, Caring 7 Year Old Who Essay

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Minnie is an energetic, outgoing, caring 7-year-old who is in the 2nd grade and is struggling in her reading skills, her hyperactivity, inattention, and irritability. Minnie appears to have general ability cognitive skills at a level appropriate for her age. She demonstrated significant variability across cognitive areas, with her ability to use reasoning to identify and apply rules identified as a personal strength. Minnie was found to have difficulty with working memory. A skill which is very important to reading and is consistent with identification as a student with a learning disability in the area of reading. Minnie’s level of academic achievement in reading is lower than might be expected given her cognitive abilities. Minnie displayed inaccurate word reading. She also had difficulty understanding the meaning of what was read. In an interview with Minnie’s parents, they reported she has experienced difficulty with reading since kindergarten. Given her history of academic struggle with the foundational skills of reading, her lack of response to tutoring, and her reading achievement that is significantly lower than expected, Minnie appears to meet the criteria for a Specific Learning Disorder in the areas of reading accuracy and fluency. Given the severity of the deficit and that Minnie has demonstrated success with comprehension when text is presented orally, Minnie’s success in math, and the history of the problem, it is not likely that her difficulties with attention

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