Minority Women in China

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As always there is more to this internal othering then meets the eye, but what actually meets the eye does also need to be taken into account. The ethnic minorities in China were mostly represented by femininity. In connecting femaleness with this other, femaleness got connected with rural backwardness, non-Han cultures and also relative youth (Schein, 1997). This presentation is not made by the others themselves, hereby this representation says more about the presenter than about ‘what’ is actually presented. The images of minority women, presented opposed to urban elite culture bares both the longing for modernity and the nostalgia, often accompanied with this progress of change. Interpreting the presentation reveals the position the presenters construct for themselves in relation to ethnic minority cultures but also within Chinese society as a whole (Schein, 1997). In the constructed oppositions the modern, urban and civilized opposes the backward, rural wild. The women as presenters of the rural and the wild, are with this connected to nature. Where women are born with the ability to produce nature through birth, men are free or forced to produce culturally (Yuval-Davis, 1997). In everyday life people everywhere seem to rank their own cultural products above the natural realm, with this suggesting the mostly higher ranking of men above women all over the world (Yuval-Davis, 1997).
Innocence, youth, waterfalls and butterflies are images one can find stressing minority

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