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Historical Film Prompt: Miracle The film Miracle is about the U.S men’s ice hockey team winning the 1980 gold metal for the Winter Olympics, led by head coach Herb Brooks. Miracle was fairly accurate with its historic content during the course of the movie. The director Gavin O’Connor did a good job tying in historical and political background that brought the film together, which made it unique to other sport films. In the beginning of the film there was a sequence highlighting the historical events that lead up to the 1980 Winter Olympics. Miracle specifically opened up with the historical footage against the Vietnam War in the 1960s. Our country endured the time where it was divided because of the support of the Vietnam War. To make…show more content…
This event was important because it drove Brooks to become the head coach and it drove him to lead his team to the championships. Miracle really focused on the intense coaching tactics that brooks had. Brooks wanted to change the way the American team played in the game in hockey. He wanted to incorporated harder training and more competitiveness like the soviets and Canadians at the time. Miracle basically showed the success of the 1980 hockey team was due to the teams persistence, hard work, and detailed preparation. Overall the movie focused on head coach Herb Brooks and how his coaching enable the young team to win the gold medal. As the movie was being made, Coach brooks died in a tragic car accident during 2004, and the epilogue to the movie said, “He never saw it. He lived it.” I thought Miracle did a really good job of inspiring and tell the audience about the win of the 1980’s Olympic Games in Lake Placid. I had a positive emotional reaction towards the movie because it showed the determination in the team. Although people didn’t believe that the team could win a medal in the Olympic games, they came out with the gold medal shocking everyone in the world. I believe it’s the best feeling doing something that someone said you can’t do, to me it shows the determination and strong mind set of one individual or a team. A quote from the

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