Mirat Ul Memalik (the Mirror of Countries)

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Jake Gleason Travelogue Essay History 116 Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries) Mirat ul Memalik (The Mirror of Countries) is a Travelogue which was written in 1552 AD and completed upon return home to Turkey in 1556 AD by Admiral Sidi Ali Reis. This written account takes us across the world to India and back to Turkey. This account tells us the terrible sights that this courageous man encountered and the great sights and cities that this decorated Admiral encountered on his journey around the world. This document tells and explains to us the many great burial sites and the various cultures of the peoples Sidi encounters. The purpose of this Travelogue was rather simple, as Sidi states in his writing he wanted to make sure…show more content…
There were many important points made within this writing and of them two stand out. Sidi was extremely loyal to his home country and his religion and was truly a class act. He states many times throughout the travelogue that he could not wait to come home to the greatest civilization in the world with the greatest army and best materials the world could ask for. Second, it was evident from the first sentence that he was a man of great detail and it comes out in his writings, we can sense the fear in his writing. Yet he was brave and pushed through with his men and won many a battles in the open sea and he wanted to make sure people knew exactly what they had gone through and the hardships that were overcame to come out on top. This writing tells us the reader of the many great battles and good times that Sidi Ali Reis encountered and what a great leader he

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