Essay On Anzaldua

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In this paper you will see how the drawings that I have presented to you make sense and are not just randomly there. There are names, places, religion, and lines present in this art piece that mean something to me and others as well. I’m from two places and not just one but I spend more time in one place than the other, so somethings of what I have known from the other place have been lost in time and memory. The memories come and go but remain lost because of the fact that they aren’t remembered and from being seen as unimportant to my present when in reality they are just as important. “I write the myths in me, the myths I am, the myths I want to become,” Anzaldua. Now let’s start this by introducing as to why there is a Batman symbol included and that is because it just happens to be my favorite Superhero and no other reason why. The assignment said to put whatever has meaning to me and that is one of them. On a serious note there are a rosario and a town name, Ucacuaro, in the art because they…show more content…
We had talked in class about sex and how one of the guys in the class would have to explain to their younger sister about certain things, well imagine it the other way and I having to explain certain things to my younger brother whom already knows things but gets even more informed by me. My brother felt shame in crying in front of us but we told he didn’t have to feel that way around us. Even without a solid male role model in his life he knew that there were things that men shouldn’t do. “In order to escape the threat of shame or fear, one takes on a compulsive, repetitious activity as though to busy oneself, to distract oneself, to keep awareness at bay,” Anzaldua. This quote explains how my brother dealt with his feelings but on the other hand we tried to break that and we did
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