Misconceptions between Samurai’s of Japan and the Knights of Medieval Europe

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Two noticeable classes of warriors appeared during the time of feudalism in Europe and in Japan. These were classified as the Samurai's of Japan and the Knights of Medieval Europe. Both were great warriors known for their courage and sacrificed themselves for the protection of their lords. Both were affected by the growth in technology which ultimately guided to their demise. Although the historical documents depict Japanese samurai and medieval knights had the same concept of spending their entire lives preparing for war at a young age, in reality both differed in many ways. Due to the fact that they are in different places in the world they were traditionally and culturally different. The knights and samurai’s followed different religion …show more content…

The lightweight armor allowed for greater freedom of movement on the ground and also helped for more flexibility on the horse. The Samurai became expert in fighting on the ground. They practiced art of war at a young age and became masters in what they did. During peaceful times Samurai focused more on fighting with the bow and arrow. They were more efficient in using swords for hand to hand fighting and beheading their enemies. Their Armor included a metal helmet usually decorated that protected both head and neck, a plate made of leather and metal protected the chest. Thin leather or bamboo plates protected their arms and legs also. The knight’s on the other hand were heavily armored and their best weapon was their armored horse; which was used for charging the enemy. They revolutionized warfare and became the foundation of the new warfare structure in Europe during middle ages. Knight’s armor ranged from heavy chain mail, layers of a metal mesh, iron metal plates so heavy that hindered easy movement. Knights had metal armour covering every inch of their body. However the knight and the samurai became less effective as long range weapons became popular and was useful for killing the targets over great distances. The usage and introduction of gunpowder also led to the decline of two warriors.
The Japanese Samurai lived by the bushido known as code of honor. Their code was about following any order given by their lord immediately without any

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