Mit Case Analysis Essay

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I. Current Situation: The development of the Three Dimensional Printing Process (3DP) at MIT by researchers – Emmanuel Sachs, John Haggerty, Michael Cima, and Paul Williams – that revolutionized various businesses with its technology.
a. Mission – For MIT to advance knowledge and educate in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world.
b. Goals – The development of 3DP for research and technology.
c. Objectives – To make use of the new ideas, technologies, and research of students to enhance the further existence of MIT inventions.
d. Major Problem – Taking the MIT 3DP technology as a concept and exploiting it to create new businesses.
II. Strategic Management
a. Board of Directors – MIT and …show more content…

ii. Minimize the time-consumption of creating filters and building exact, durable ones
c. Improving architecture and art
i. Provides a visual concept directly without having to building models to scale. ii. Helps in the design time in order to make changes as needed iii. Can take pictures to create a 3D image
2. Threats
a. Entry of other businesses into the industry
b. The acceptance of the technology and money to invest in its long-term use
c. Introduction of a substitution of this technology development
d. The 3DP process has been generally used a concept to these business, and it could create problems as more individuals approach them to exploit it.
e. Process improvements and trends to keep the concept viable
IV. Internal Environment – 3DP
a. Structure
i. Academic setting for development of ideas and research ii. Motivation to create and not boost money-making opportunities
b. Culture
i. Provide new concepts in science and technology ii. Being creative iii. Change the world with on idea that will beneficial to all
c. Resources
i. Strengths
1. Leadership and acceptance
2. Thinking in intuitively outside the box to incorporate the technology
3. Developing a concepts that others can use ii. Weaknesses
1. Meeting with various potential opportunities
2. General acceptance of concept in the industries
3. Financing capital
V. Strategic Factors
a. Strengths
i. Mentors, faculty, and staff ii. Thinking in intuitively and

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