Mitosis And Meiosis

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Mitosis Meiosis
Most of the times people get injuries, complex or simple one like bruises and, within a period of time, these injuries heal. This healing process is made possible by cell division whereby a single cell divides to form two and the process continues. The same process also helps living things grow, for example, over 2 trillion cells divide every day in human beings. There are two types of cell division processes; mitosis and meiosis, each of which has distinct characteristics.
Mitosis: A single cell divide into two genetically identical cells. This process is asexual in nature and the two resulting cells have equal number of chromosomes in each of the diploid cells each with identical nuclei.
Meiosis: Meiosis is a sexual cell reproduction process whereby a single cell divides its homologous chromosomes equally to form two haploid cells with half the chromosomes of the parent cell.
Mitosis: Mitosis occur in five phases describing the changes through which the cells go through. These stages are prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. In prophase, the chromosomes condense inside the nucleus while centrioles move to the opposite within the nucleus sides in pairs. As this process …show more content…

The chromosomes then split into two sister chromatids which the centromeres hold together. This therefore mean that there are two sets of sister chromatids (four chromatids) in the two chromosomes. Two non-sister chromosomes cross over as the other two remain. Secondly, in metaphase I, chromosomes line up at the center of the spindle fibers in pairs then the third phase, Anaphase I begins when equal amounts of chromosomes divide. On the last phase, telophase I, the daughter cells completely divide, chromosomes disappear, and the nucleic membranes

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